Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gosh...He is Quick

Mornin', how are you all today...I am sticky and HOT!!
 I looked out this morning and Lee had already packed up most of
the goods we will be peddlin' this weekend...but I did get a picture
of my barells...I am likin' how they turned out!!
That is a great old handmade table I picked up in Maryland at
the show we did up there.
I sure do wish he could have waited just a LITTLE longer...but with the heat I
can understand him wanting it done early.

Now to answer ALL the questions about Uncle Billy's is a one and a half day
festival held in Altavista, VA. Starts this year on Friday afternoon and ends on Saturday night.  Great food vendors, plenty of music...from beach to bluegrass...and of course all the vendors...with just about everything under the sun!!  The trade lot will be open both days..
that is where they have a flea market.  I think that it is located about a block from where the actual festival. I have not been in about 6 years...took the nieces when we could play
and not hurt so bad afterwards!!!!

If your having a lot of this heat, please be careful and do not forget fresh water for
the pets!!!

Thank you for your visit and have a Blessed day,


  1. Hi Robing, The barrels turned out really well, hope you have much success this weekend. Stay cool, really hot here. Vicky

  2. Oh I love how the barrels turned out. It sounds like the festival would be a lot of fun. Hope you have much success and have a wonderful time.Jen

  3. What time does it start on Friday? We thought we might try to come.

  4. Hope it goes well for you! You are so creative! ldr