Saturday, June 18, 2011

Come Sit A Spell...Won't You....

...we call her home..
but her real name is Simple Pleasures
and she will be celebrating her 100th birthday in just 5 short years.

These 2 guard our old homestead...yeah right!!
Come me they would lick you to death

Let's sit a spell and catch up

or we can sit on this side, which ever you prefer.
While we sit and chat we can.....

watch the sunset.
Perhaps enjoy a glass of good 'ole Southern Sweet Tea?
or just a nice cup of coffee.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend,
we took Lee's Dad and Mom out for dinner last night for
both Father's and Mother's Day, tomorrow I will go
and visit my Dad and Mom and maybe even take a dip in the pool.

Have a safe and Blessed day...
Thank you for visiting Millstone Mercantile and please come back



  1. What a lovely & peaceful looking home you have Robin. Thank you for sharing the photos : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Such a beautiful home! Your porch looks so inviting -- I'd love to come for a cool drink or a cup of coffee.... If I only lived closer, I'd be there!
    Have a happy weekend!

  3. Robin, Love your porch and your displays there. Could sit and chat for the longest time. We have discussed painting our shutters black. Love how they pop against the white trim. Is that black on your porch flooring also? I love the shine. Do you mind sharing the color and choice of paint? Love it. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Good morning friend. I can't think of anything that sounds much more inviting right now than sitting on that welcoming porch, talking with a friend and watching the sunset. One more day to get through, maybe the toughest. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  5. Your home is just beautiful Robin!! Love that porch with your rockers and wonderful prim displays. Thanks for always posting your sweet comments on my blog.
    Enjoy your week-end!!

  6. So beautiful! I'll be right over to sit on the porch! ;-)

  7. Beautiful house and wonderful inviting porch. Now why haven't you posted these pics before!
    Sweet tea sounds great to me.

  8. I came, I sat on your porch and now I don't want to leave. Beautiful setting, peaceful and graceful. I also like the black floor boards.

  9. Your home is beautiful !I would love to sit ,rock and watch the sunset .The guard pups are cute! Hugs,Jen