Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come On In For A Visit....

...and don't mind the flowers! I know they are a LITTLE tall
or my sign is a little short but I just can not cut them down. The town says my sign
can not be any higher...and you just can't fight local rules!!!

Come on up....
Lee made me the banner hanger and I think it works very well...

 Step inside and take a look around
 Some more stuff
I hope you enjoyed your visit today.

Thank you for stopping by Millstone and have a safe and blessed day......



  1. It is a gorgeous flower bed and the banner is perfect.
    Have you considered putting your email on your profile ( located on your dashboard )? I would be able to respond directly to your comments.
    I'm so glad you came by and left your sweet thoughts.

  2. I love visiting your shop, maybe someday we will visit the East Coast, till then I will view your eye candy from my computer desk. Thanks for sharing...

  3. So glad to see your comment!!! Just taking a minute to let you know that I lost my dear, sweet dad last evening. I'll be catching up on everything soon. We'll have to chat soon! Dawn

  4. Thanks for the eye candy !Love the flowers and wish I could personally visit your shop.Hugs,Jen

  5. Oh Robin, I want to see more and more, in every room. Such a precious shop. I love peeking into all the prim shops on blogland since we have none around here that is close enough for even a day trip. Love the banners on the old screen door, too. You have a great day and thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the tour

  6. Wow Robin!! Wish I could stop in for a "real" visit. Everything looks just awesome, so many wonderful treasures!!
    Have a great week-end!!