Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sneak Peak

....into my "new" kitchen.  Lee and I have been busy changing
out furniture....again!!  The red piece has now been put in the
sitting room, keeping room or whatever you want to call it.
And this old mantel has taken it's place...complete with brick hearth trimmed
out in old tobacco sticks.
The monster piece we had in the room off the kitchen...
aka the old dining room...has now been taken to the shop.
Thanks to Justin for helping us move it...we guessed it's weight to be
around 250-300 pounds.  So glad to have it GONE!! 

The story of the mantel...for starters it was free...a gift from
Mario at Second Time Around Antiques.  Well kinda free, we traded a cart for the mantel,
sign and some other stuff.
Brought it home and started cleaning on it...keep in mind that this was outside...
yes sir....BUGS!
I hate bugs...this thing has been taken completely apart, scrubbed and put back
together again.  It had wood roaches coming out of it....
I thought I was going to have heart failure.
They are gross...and all dead!!!

We are kinda having a small storm right now so
with that said I am going to let you guys go.

Talk to you later,


  1. The room looks very very nice! Changing things around is so much fun. That is one nice thing about prims is you can move things to differant areas and it looks brand new.
    Have a great week! Middle of June already OMG!

  2. Robin love the old mantle !It looks great in there with all your wonderful decorations. Stay safe in the storm ,Jen

  3. Robin, Love the mantel... but now I have the scratch??? Bugs.... ick!OLM
    So love the big tobacco basket!!

  4. Love the mantle! Where did you get the big coffee label? That is neat!

  5. Really neat mantle, have been wanting one for my fireplace. I like how you have decorated it, love the tobacco basket, had seen one at the last antiquing trip I took, regretted not buying it. Don't you just love moving things around, its like having a whole new room. Take care. Vicky

  6. Oh.....that mantle is to die for! Love it and how you have it displayed!