Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Blogging Friends.....

It is with much regret (and NOT my fault) that you have not
seen my comments on your blog.
Dawn, Lorna, OLM, Linda and a hundred more.....
I do not know what is wrong!!!! and I am still here!!!
It will let me leave comments on a couple of blogs but not everyone's.
I can not EVEN leave anonymous......
if anyone out their can help
I would sure appreciate it.!!!!

Have a GREAT Friday and keep cool



  1. I am having the same problem with my blog. Several folks have emailed me with their comments because they can't leave them on the blog.
    Wordpress is looking more glamorous all the time:)

  2. Isnt this frustrating!I was going through this as well.I figured it out with the help from Robin from the cranky crow.Just sign out of blogger then when you sign back in go ahead and put your name and password but dont click on the box that says keep me signed in.That should work.good luck!hugs michelle

  3. Try clearing your cookies as well. That's what did it for me!

  4. O.K. WOOOOHOOOO I AM BACK!!! HOPEFULLY! I have done what you suggested Michelle and it worked! Thanks soooooo much and ya'll have a GREAT weekend!!

  5. Great Job!Now you will just have all weekend to play catch up,hehe.big hugs michelle

  6. Blogger is definitely bahaving badly! I cannot 'stay logged in' or it won't let me post. It's something new every day. Glad to see you can post again! :)

  7. Thanks Michelle(Sugar House) has been very TRYING to say the least!!! Have a nice weekend.

  8. Robin, this has been so frustating!!! you would think blogger would have this fixed by now...
    yes, keeping the "keep me signed in box" on blogger has made a big difference...also helping is clearing out the temporary files and cookies in control panel too... :) OLM

  9. Hi Robin, yours did show up on mine. A lot of bloggers have had problems. I haven't been on much lately but haven't had a problem when I have been. Hopefully things will start working soon.

  10. So glad you're back Robin! Computers can be so frustrating at times! But......what would we do without them! We wouldn't know each other at all! :-)

  11. I have noticed that when I sign in to blogger that if I check the "Stay signed in" box, my comments only show up as anonymous! I just make sure that box is unchecked and I have no problems. Hope this helps.

  12. I was having the same problem, someone told me also to not check the box to stay signed in, so I did and now I can comment, go figure, what was with that, before I could with it checked, whats up with blogger lately. Vicky

  13. Well, after emailing you, I went back and read comments...crazy thing...I've ALWAYS had the little keep me signed in box checked & things worked fine...wonder what the deal is all of a sudden. Oh well, it's letting me comment so all is good! Enjoy your day!

  14. What someone told me was to set my comments so that they are available as a popup instead of inside the post. Here's the path if you want to try it:
    Comment Form Placement
    Choose POP-UP WINDOW