Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Ham and Cheese and Hookers....

...first let me say that I have tried 6 times to upload pics...
needless to say Blogger is trying my nerves!!!
so with that said ...let me tell you a little story.

Things I learned yesterday....
lemonade makes you pucker and have a really glassy eyed look...
when 2 hungry ladies sit down to eat...DO NOT get in their way...
hot ham and cheese and french fries GONE in oh lets say about
one minute....we were HUNGRY!!!! 
Lori's (Notforgotten Farm) arms are NOT as long as I thought they were,
Tables hurt your toes
DO NOT go on a walking hike when it is 100 degrees outside...
trust me YOUR clothes WILL stick to you!!!!!!

I was so hoping to show you pics of the Locker Hookers 101 group!!
Gosh that was fun.
Lessons learned: you have to have the strength of steel AND
know how to growl!!!! Those corners are tough...but WE mastered them.
Thanks Lois for such an interesting class and we know where you are when we need
help with the corners!!!!!

Maybe I will be able to show some pics later or tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and please have a GREAT day!!!!!



  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. I don't know whats with blogger lately, but when I post with pictures sometime, well now you see them and now you don't, yes, makes me want to scream, especially when you have taken the time to sit and write and add pictures, and then no pictures. OK I am venting, feel better. Yes I have found that to be true if you hike in 100 degree temps your clothes will stick to you. LOL Take care Robin. Vicky

  2. Robin!!! LMAO!!! Love the post even if there is no pictures! Isn't blogger being a pain in the $$$.....OLM

  3. Robin,
    Thanks for the words of wisdom!
    Great post ~ even without the pics.
    Post them when you can.
    Prim Blessings

  4. Hi Robin, look forward to the pics. Sounds like a fun day even if your clothes were stuck to you.8-)

  5. Robin what a fun made us feel like we were with you! lol
    Thanks for the chuckles.

  6. Love your post !Needed the chuckle this morning.Look forward to seeing the pics .Hugs,Jen