Monday, March 1, 2010

Almost Finished

This is the double wringer that I bought at the show the other weekend. I decided when I saw it to turn it into a coffee table in front of the settle. It is almost finished. I have to paint the boards and I am going to put a long board across the bottom. I am thinking a white wash finish would be nice? As you can see (kinda) it still has the writing in the side. I just love it. I bought this from Sue at the Maggie Blair House booth. She asked me what I was going to do with it and when I told her my plans for it I thought she was going to keep it. I am soooo glad she sold it.
It is tax season (YUK) so yesterday was spent at the farm table looking at a bunch of numbers! Just getting stuff ready for the accountant is tiring. But she always comes through for us and our heap of papers we bring to her.(What filing system)
Today is suppose to be around 50 degrees..yippie!!! Of course they are forecasting snow tomorrow, but just a light dusting. I hope they are right. Just think.....Spring is just around the corner and day light savings time will start in just 2 weeks. YEAH
DID YOU KNOW: Barbers' pole were originally solid red with a little pot hanging underneath. The red was for blood since barbers performed surgery; the pot signified that they also "cupped" or bled clients. The white stripe, added in the eighteenth century stood for linen bandages. (I do not know about the blue stripe, perhaps we added that to be patriotic, does anyone know?)

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