Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Ready

Howdy!! I have recovered from our family reunion...I think. We did have a lot of fun!! Just very glad to be back in my own bed. A few things that I will be traveling with to Fishersville along with a pie safe, tables, linens and other vintage and antique finds. I am so looking forward to the "show season". We are still busy in the home shop building and creating. We start our little shop at Bell's Treasures next week and hopefully we will have that up and going in a few weeks. So for now we are pretty busy, but it's all good. Being busy occupies the mind.
The puppies are really glad to be home, they have pretty much slept since Sunday afternoon. We did find out that Sassy has a very slight heart murmur, but nothing to worry about.
Have drawn up a couple more patterns, hopefully to be released soon. My friends, there is much packing and sorting to do...but before I go...did you know that cotton candy was first invented
in 1897 and was first called Fairy Floss? I just think that name is toooo cute.
Have a blessed and meaningful day.


  1. I could go for some "fairy floss" right now...it would give me some much needed energy in this heat!
    see ya soon!

  2. Who know I loved Fairy Floss...hugs, Linda

  3. I did not know that cotton candy was first called Fairy Floss! Thanks for the neat info.