Friday, July 2, 2010

Playing Favorites

Happy Friday and Good Morning to you. I hope you are off to a great start to a long weekend!! I have decided to stay close to home this weekend and clean, company's coming on the 10th and I have put it off long enough. Some of you have asked for a picture of some pieces in my home. These are my favorites, or a couple of them anyway.The red stepback dry sink is late 1700's and is out of PA. She stands in the kitchen, which will be de-cluttered when I clean.
This big ole cabinet had a base at one time, or sat on another piece of furniture. But I hung her in the den. Yes I know I need some pictures on the wall, just can't find any I like. Plus I hate the color I painted the walls. Excuse the mess beside it, that little area is the office, which needs to be straightened up!! I love painted furniture but can't seem to find a lot of it down this way.
I am still on the hunt for a cabinet to put in the room that was once my dining room. Maybe one day I will find one.
I caught the mouse!!! I do a catch and release program here, and he has safely been put back outside where he belongs. He has (had) been terrorizing my home shop...eating candle wax and glue and leaving his tell tale signs everywhere. I did re-set the trap cause I figure with all the signs that there has got to be more that one. No little critter goes THAT much. We shall see. So guess what I get to do tonight??? Yepper...clean up all the nooks and crannies of the shop. What fun.
I had lunch with Donna (Southern Star Antiques) yesterday at her house. What a beautiful home she has and filled to the brim with all the things I like. I got my fill of eye candy. Her chicken salad and deviled eggs were great. I really enjoyed my visit, she is such a sweet lady. (Donna is one of the sponsors for the upcoming show in Fishersville) I went to go and get the fliers and cards to put 'round town.
O.K., gotta go and open up the shop. Today is sewing day up there as I have brought everything else home!! Hopefully this weekend I will get the chance to pour up some soap...yes Donna I will make you some more Pumkin Soap!!!
Have great day.

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  1. So nice to see you on Fri. Your home is truly a lovely, unique place.
    You're nicer than I would be to the mouse!