Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Happy...With Sunflowers

Be HAPPY!!! Don'tcha just love sunflowers? I do...they remind me of
cool fall lazy days! Of which is still FAR away! They had these beauties at the store
yesterday and they screamed to me...LOOK BUY ME! So of course I did.
Today, for me is catchup day...floors to clean, laundry to wash and you know the rest.
I have kinda neglected to the homestead...been sorta busy creating instead!! Which by the way is sooo much funner than laundry!! I still can't figure out how 2 people can create so much laundry...I still say my animals play dress up while we are away!! I am cooking dinner tonight for Lee's birthday. On the menu is chicken in gravy, mashed potatoes, green peas and birthday cake. Sounds pretty good, huh? It is!!! Of course I will take out ALL of the calories before it is served!!lol
Today he is starting the new shop in Bedford. I am looking forward to settling in and having a home for Millstone. Of course I am still looking to have another one closer to home, but we shall see what transpires in the future, you just never know what the future will hold, that's what makes it so exciting. I know I am not looking forward to packing and moving...the furniture is heavy and I have a lot of it!! My poor back!!!
Well my friends, it is that time...I hear the mop calling my name...the sooner I finish the sooner
I can get to the home shop for some creating and cleaning up one huge mess!!! But that is another story in itself!!
Have a blessed and happy day...just think sunflowers!


  1. aren't they purdy? I love sunflowers too...have a little patch growing next to the backyard feeder!!! ~ I'll be running errands today,...and UNPACKING the VAN!
    I'll call ya later ~

  2. Hi Robin, can I come for dinner?? 8-)
    I love sunflowers too. We had some growing along the yard fence and I was so excited. After two years of having them there all the seeds must have washed into the garden because we had sunflowers in the garden and none along the fence. So no more sunflowers. I bought some dried ones from The Flower Patch the other day and I love them. That is where I get Sweet Annie as well.
    I loved the pics of your booth. And I love to hear you talk about your shop. I always wanted a little shop, like you say, you never know what the future may hold. 8-)
    Have a great day!!

  3. Sunflowers are my absolute FAV!! That's why I'm "Sunflower Stitches". I have them growing everywhere I can hide them from the deer!

  4. Hi Robin, Thanks for joinin' my lil' blog :0) I sooo love sunflowers and have been tryin' to get my seeds planted but it's just been put off again and again it seems, soon! Well I'm off to check out your ETSY so have a great night and thanks again glad you stopped in :0)
    ~Blessings~ The Olde Willow