Sunday, July 25, 2010


Before I begin...Thank You to EVERYONE who made Millstone's show a huge success.
Without you and your support I could not have done it. Now.....
WHAT FUN WE HAD!!! It was so nice to see everyone and meet so many new people. I can't begin to tell you what all we chair pads are now at home in Washington, DC, needlepunches will have new homes all over as they will be used for Christmas gifts and my eagle is going to war. A very proud mama bought him for her son and he is headed into battle. I feel very honored. There were sooo many people that braved the 108 (heat index) heat to lend their support for this great show.
For those that know me personally, you know now why I always say bring a bib!! I drooled a bunch at some of the fine antiques that I saw. Bucket benches, stepbacks, stools.....and the list continues. And the hand made items...oh! what wonderful artisans.
My friend Robin came up and she was in heaven. I really don't think she new where to begin and I truly think she would still be there if it were not for the show ending!!!!...Love ya Robin and thanks for your support!!!!!
My very bestest of voted best booth!!! Way to go girlfriend!! Enjoy your chicken and dumplings at Cracker Barrell....and peanut butter pie!!!
Tomorrow is Lee's birthday and Justin will be coming for dinner. He saw his cake today and wants a piece sooo bad. NOOOO. Yeah yeah I bought it at the store today, my name is not Betty Crocker ya know!!
And then Tuesday it is off to the home shop to start working on the next show....Lori's... Gathering Of Primitive Friends. Can't wait, we have a lot of fun with this show and it's outside!!! Just pray for no rain!!(I can't believe I said that) Speaking of rain...we had almost 100percent chance here this clouds no where in sight...nada zilch no leaves turning over NOTHING!
Well my blessed friends, have a great Sunday evening...
Until next time


  1. It was so nice to finally meet you!! Loved the show, had enough heat to last me for a lifetime!!

  2. Your booth at the show loooked great!! I'm glad you were so successful.