Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Beautiful Gift

Look at this beautiful candle stick Lori (Notforgotetn Farm) brought me back
from her travels up north. I just LOVE IT...right now I am gathering up the candles for it. Can't you see it with some fresh greens at Christmas and some orange pods in the fall? Can't wait to decorate it, but first the candles.
I have a gathering coming this coming weekend. We were out of town for Father's Day so I have invited my Father's cousins ...that he has not seen in our house for a cookout. He knows nothing about this, it is a surprise for him. I guess my gift to him for a belated Father's Day is the gift of family. Also in attendance will be aunt's and uncle's. I am very excited to have this side of the family has been about 11 years since we have seen each other. I will not be posting everyday this week as MUCH cleaning needs to be done.
Then, the next weekend is my husbands 47th Family Reunion. This is a 3-4 day event. We will not be going until Friday. Last year we stayed from Wed-Sun, but because of the show the next weekend, this year will only be Fri and Sat night. It actually is a lot of fun. We generally have about 55-60 people descend on the campground. And trust me, there is NEVER a dull moment.
Before I forget...HAPPY 4th OF JULY...LET FREEDOM RING...until they all come home
Have a safe and Happy 4th.
Blessings and will talk to you mid week.


  1. What a wonderful gift! You're right, it can be decorated so cute for any season. Just wondered how far you are from Columbus, Ohio? The cash and carry shows are coming up in August and it's a great place to buy for the shop without having to spend huge minimums. Can't wait to get there! You might want to think about it. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  2. Wow !! Awesome gift. Lucky you :)