Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home Away From Home

Hello. Below is my home away from home for the weekend. I love these little cabins.

We have rented this for the last 4 years and for the weekend it is "home". I feel very lucky today to have a.c., it humid but not very hot. I guess this year we have around 50 people. Later today we will have the big family meal...everyone brings a dish or two and talk about good food!!! After dinner we have the auction. Every household makes an item to be auctioned off to the highest bidder...I get my auction fix!! We have everything from furniture to stepping stones made by the smallest little feet. The money raised is used to put flowers on deceased family members graves, crafts for the kids, and to keep up the web site and we even have scholarship money given to the next one entering college. This is truly the spirit of family. We have each others back so to speak. I am very blessed to call my husbands family mine also. They took me in 10 years ago and have loved and stood beside me ever since. This means a lot when you come from being an only child. I just never new families could be so big, not to mention they have been doing this for about 45 years. Some of the older ones say they have been doing it longer. The age range is between not yet born...8 months preggers...1 year up to 85. Well, I better go check dinner. I am taking Tailgate Potatoes and BQ Chicken. I will give you the recipe for the potatoes soon. These are awesome and sooo easy.
Back to the Family.


  1. We had our family reunion today, too. I certainly know what you mean about being "taken in" by Lee's family. I've had the same experience. I had next to no relatives growing up and all but one have passed. It's wonderful to feel so blessed! I've been a part of this family for over 40 years. Many don't remember when I wasn't around! I'm glad you're having a good time. What did you make for the auction?

  2. I am sorry to report that I actually did not hand make anything. I found a Family Reunion Quilt and got everyone to sign it. I then set the signatures and drawings. It sold for 135.00. Next year I will make something.