Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Buggy Ride Anyone?

Good morning to ya!! We have been looking for a buggy seat for a while now and I finally found one I could afford this past weekend. This is actually what I gave Lee for his birthday. I know you are asking where I am going to put it...I am thinking at the foot of our bed. I also bought an old coverlette that I think I will throw on it...so whatcha think? I forgot to take a picture of the throw, but it blue and cream...I am not much on the seat...blue velvet. Lee thinks I should keep it that way...but I figure if I put the throw on it I can hide most of the velvet. Anyway, we are happy with it.
Justin came for dinner last night and we really had an enjoyable time. My parents came for cake and they got along nicely. It was really the first time they had met.
Oh yeah...it is RAINING here...cats and dogs to be exact!!!
Of course I need to go out today, but I will NOT complain about getting wet! We need this so bad, you can almost here the plants drinking it all in. Of course my little Tinsley was not real thrilled to get wet this morning...he hates to get his feet wet.
Today, like I said is a few errands and then it is inventory all day. YUK!! I hate to do that. But I have to get it all done so I can take a load up to Bell's this weekend....maybe. I really need to clean the home shop...kinda looks like the Tazmanian Devil had a field day down there!! I do not know where anything is or what I have down there. You know how it is when you go shopping and you just kinda drop it where you stand...well that is pretty much what happened when we unloaded trailer...it is everywhere!!
Well friends, I am going to the back porch to see and listen to this strange stuff that is falling from the sky...and drink ONE more cuppa coffee before I start my day.
Have a good one...until next time


  1. Good morning Robin, don't you just love watching the rain come down when you need it so bad? Sounds like you had a great show, did you take many pictures? Love, love, love the buggy seat. What a great find! Have a good day and take a walk in the rain, Dawn

  2. Love your wagon seat. Maybe you could find a piece of an old coverlet or perhaps buy a smaller new one to make a new seat cover. At any rate I bet it will look great at the foot of your bed!

  3. What a neat, unique and appropriate birthday gift. Just another wonderful item to add to your very special home!