Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hide and Seek

Can you see em'? There in the picture..very faintly. They are suppose

to be the Blue Ridge Mtns. And this is a close up!! It is soooo hot and hazy here today that you can't even find the mountains. Look at the brown grass in the pasture...we NEED rain so bad. But all they call for is a shower...maybe. I can't even get cool inside just knowing how hot it is outside!! The puppies don't even want to go out.
The house is clean...or as clean as I am doin' it anyway. All that's left are bathrooms and to mop all the floors but I figure I'll wait till Saturday morning for that. Ya KNOW I have a husband and we all know the damage they can do to a bathroom and they never wipe their feet so I figure I might as well wait to do those things.
On a happy note...the horse needlepunch is done and it will be made into a pattern soon. It will be a series of patterns called "Past Tyme Toys". Not sure how many will be in the series...maybe 3 or 4. I will post him soon, waiting for the papers to come in on him. This will be my first copyright!! As of now, I am not selling the original, but will punch special orders if needed. I hope you all will enjoy him when you see him.
Have an enjoyable week and will talk to you later.
Keep cool...think snow!! lol
Happiness and Blessings from Me to You


  1. It's darn hot here too! We have a heat advisory until 6 a.m. and we're supposed to get storms tomorrow afternoon. I'm afraid we'll get a doozy! Try to keep cool and creative, Dawn

  2. Hi Robin, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to be adding some items soon.
    It is cooler here than normal, and we are getting a lot of rain. Very unusual for West Texas to be cool and rainy in July. We were getting really dry here so it is wonderful.
    Nice to meet you....come visit again.