Sunday, July 11, 2010

For Sale: Needle Punch Pattern

Good afternoon. Hope all is well with everyone. Here is my first pattern listed for sale.
This is the first of "Past Tyme Toys". When complete it will be about 9-9 1/2 inches round.
I have mine tacked to the wall right now, I will be finishing it up hopefully this week. The pattern is $8.00 plus a small travel fee. If interested please e-mail me and in the subject line include needle punch pattern. You will get full black and white copy of pattern plus the colors that I used, but this only a suggestion, you may choose to use different colors. Please feel free to punch this, hook it or just stitch it. I am very excited about this pattern and believe it or not, there are more on the way. And yes, there is a copyright to this pattern!!
O.K. so, yesterday I totally surprised my father with family. I had a cookout for him and his first cousins that he has not seen in YEARS! For that matter, neither had I. Such fun we had! It was really great to see everyone...and yep, he shed a tear when he walked in and saw everyone here. It was really hard to not tell him who was going to be here, I just told him same old people. He was not expecting who was here. Maybe it won't be so long before we see each other again.
O.K....again...this morning while sitting on front porch rocking in the breeze, my mulch MOVED! I thought I was going nuts. I kept looking making sure no one was watching me stare at my mulch...and it moved again...needless to say I high tailed it inside. I guess I have watched tooo many movies...I think we have a little mole or vole, but it was just really looked like it was breathing. Of course when hubby returned I told him about guessed it...nothing. No movement, no nothin', I guess he thinks I am nuts. But honey.."I swear it moved". I just got one of THOSE know the Yeah Right look. Oh well, I KNOW it moved and that is all that matters.
Enjoy your day, and would someone please send rain this way. Not even with a 60 percent chance do we get any.


  1. Beautiful Pattern, my friend....hope you sell tons!! ~ can't wait to see more in this series...
    SO PROUD of you!!!!!!


  2. What a fun design! I love the color of the horse. Best wishes with you sales & keep on designing! :)