Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Tool Boxes, Cookie Cutters...And BIG News

It was love at first sight!! Love the old tool boxes or seed boxes. And the BIG chippy green tool box...oh my! The cookie cutters were found in the Ohio Valley Amish country. I must have 5 or 6 of the old caddies, but I think this one is my favorite. It has been in every corner, nook and crannie of the home I think. Now it sits on the old green box in front of the fireplace in the Gathering Room.
Anyhoo...whatcha doin' today. Crafting, cleaning or just nothin'? I am going for a haircut!!! I am counting down the hours until my appointment...cause right now I am scary lookin'! After my haircut I always feel like have lost about 10 pounds and look years younger. I know though I have not but it's still fun to think that way. Makes getting older easier!
Spent most of yesterday in the homeshop, I managed to get right much accomplished. Nooo I did not get it organized...don't they say that not being organized is a sign of great things??? If that's true...I have it made!
Going tomorrow to paint my little corner of the world...the booth at Bell's Treasures in Bedford. Lee said he wanted to take up some of the bigger pieces of furniture with us...great now I have to paint and NOT get it on the furniture...I can do it.
I guess you are waiting for the BIG news huh? Drum roll please...I am teaming up with
Lori...Notforgotten Farm...and TOGETHER we hope to blaze new trials. We have sooo much in our we just have to pull it all together (some days that is easier said then done) Lori, I am sooo looking forward to this new chapter in our lives, we CAN do this girlfriend. I know in my heart that this will work and that the shop will be awesome!! (primitive heaven) Please wish us luck!! But first things first...gotta go get my hair cut!!
Talk to you later,
Blessings from Virginia,


  1. Looking forward to where this will take us, my friend..I'm SO excited and I think this will be AWESOME!! what a team...woohoo!

  2. Congrats to both of you!!! I know you'll be a Prim Perfect Team Robin!!! whoo hoo !!!