Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

Good CHILLY morning to you. It is finally a little cool this morning. The "boys" are at hunt camp and are having a blast. Lee and Justin are hunting together for the first time since Justin was about 5 and he is 26 now. This weekend it is just the two of them at the a few weeks they will have a full house, so they can really enjoy this weekend. Had the whole bed to myself last night...well almost...Tinsley and Eli were there I better re-phrase that...I had a little spot in the bed last night. But I had all the pillows and most of the covers. Tinsley is more that a snuggler, he is attached to your back at night. You move he moves, so by the time I started in the middle of the bed and the hot flashes hit...moved over a did he...and so on...I was on the very edge this morning!!
This is the latest punch needle for the holiday season. I know it is not finished yet, still deciding on how to finish it....any suggestions??!
I really could have slept this morning but my Dad will be here about 8 am to head out for the football game. Love spending time with him and since he is...or will be...75 in December I try and spend a lot of "Football Saturdays" with him. But ya know...he still works out and walks 4-5 miles everyday so he is in pretty good health.
I will be turning the BIG 5-0 on Wed. NOOOOOOOOO. I truly NEVER thought I would ever be this age. Growing up when I thought about the year I would be turning 50, I figured that it was a hundred years away...mind you it was 1969 and I was only 9. Oh time passes by.
Now that I have totally depressed myself, I better go up and find all my blue and orange warm clothes, jump in the shower and get ready for Tailgate Saturday. This weekend it is being catered by The Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA. They will be fixing us THE BEST country ham biscuits and potato salad on earth. Can't wait to go pick it up!!


  1. I love those nights to have a bed almost all to myself. My Rosie dog always snuggles when Dick goes away. So glad to hear you enjoy your times with your dad, just savor every moment of that time! Hope you team wins! Dawn

  2. Sounds like you have a great day planned!
    We have a 72 pound snuggler with us, every night!!
    Don't worry about that big 5-0. You're always going so strong, you'll never even notice!

  3. Have a great birthday Robin! Enjoy your day today with your dad, that's so neat!! I will be 50 in March so I know how you feel, I'm already dreading!


  4. There's no reason to dread or fear 50. It's just another number. I am going to be 60 in January, but I look at my Mom and she is sharp as a tack. She doesn't do any heavy lifting anymore and her cooking has changed. They eat out more often. But she and Dad still take care of themselves, go to Church together, buy their own groceries, take care of everything they ever did. If I am that sharp and ambulatory when I am 80 or 82, life will still be good!
    My hubby worked the midnight shift for the first 20 years of our life together. Now he's retired and here all the time. Some days I miss that alone time but I know I don't want to be missing him. I'm glad he's here and I never regret his early retirement!

  5. Heyy Robin, glad your Saturday went well...I miss fur baby cuddly,till you cramp up and they "won't move" haha
    How wonderful to have your dad still. Turning 50 isn't bad at all;p...embrace it...and look forward to many more.

  6. Hey Robin, you are young girlfriend!! 8-) I turn 62 on the 10th. Where did time go??? I used to think 62 was old, now it doesn't seem that old. I remember when my parents turned 60 I thought that was soooooo old!! 8-)

  7. Thanks guys for help making turn "5-0" easier. I guess when I was younger it sounded sooo old, now it is REALLY not old at all!!! It's the NEW 40!!!!