Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smells Great!!!!

Good morning. I have tried something new...yep something else to try and find time to do. LOL. This is Hot Apple Pie in a Jar. OMG...they smell so good. Right now I have Country Bumpkin "cooking". I made them a beautiful fall reddy color. I am trying to get ready for the Apple Fest this weekend. "Brain" Tarts. Don't ask cause I don't know. How in the world these turned out looking like this I will never know, but they smell good...this I call Vanilla Apple Cinnamon, I have finally figured out a way to use all those bits and pieces of leftover oils...mix'em and hope for the best!! I added a touch of cinnamon to the top for a little decor.
These are Farmhouse "Dots", so called this because they are smaller than the average melt.
I did these in Orange Clove and Apple Cinnamon.
I am still working on some more, mint green "Balsam Fir" and the "Perfect" fall scent which is a secret...only if I can get the oil measurements correct!!!! I know I wrote them down last year, but you know what they say...your mind is the first to go...I just have to find my notes today.
Now ya know what I have been doin'...whatcha been doin'? Are you getting all the fall decorating done, preparing for a Halloween Bash, or just taking a breather and enjoying what life has to offer this time of year?
We have the Rug "Hookers" party tomorrow. I am not dressing up although I think Lori is!!
So we shall be heading to Charlottesville with some green, purple, or orange food in toe...hey I did not make the rules here!!! I am off to the store today to try and find something to take. I have always wanted to make the Cat Literbox Cake, but I don't have time to do that, so hopefully Wally World will have something...anything at this point!.
O.K. friends, the wax is calling and so is my husband. I shall talk to you later then.
Have a beautiful Tuesday and as always...
Wishing you Blessings.


  1. Oh yes, the yummy smells of fall! Hope you have fun this weekend, Dawn

  2. We need to figure out how to have scratch n' sniff computer monitors! :) They do sound like they would smell really YUMMY!



  3. Mmmmmm......sounds good to me!
    I have been tossing old tarts and candle stubs into a coffee can for months. Soon as the weather cools off a bit, I am going to melt them all together for a grunge mix to dip new candles into. I've never done it but I know it can be messy. I have also saved coffee grounds from the pot, dries them and mixed with cinnamon to roll them in. It is all an experiment for me! Now I know that can't be bad! After all, as primitives artisans ( LOL ), we save and use everything!
    Have fun with the hookers!