Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh YES...Size Does Matter.....

when it comes to filling a three and a half foot dough trencher full of gourds that is. I guess you thought I was gonna be dirty...after the nuts I do not blame you. This big ole boy is one of many dough trenchers that I have managed to collect. I just love them. The bigger the better, and actually this is one of my smaller ones. I have about 4 that are bigger than this one and 'prolly about 6 that are a little smaller. I used to have "stack" dough trenchers but they got way to heavy to move, so now I just have them scattered everywhere. Believe it or not I have never paid more than $75.00 for one of these, and after looking at some in some antique stores I feel pretty lucky. Even in the consignment shop I was in they wanted $200.00 for one.
So... my back feels better, still a little sore though. I think I may have over done it a bit today...but you can FINALLY see the sewing table and my counter top in the home shop. WOOHOO!!!! I have started sewing for Christmas and I am having a blast sewing something besides a pumpkin or crow, yeah I know in a few weeks I will be sick and tired of santas and such, but for now I am lovin' it.
Lee started on by building today. I really need another storage shed and he has been so kind to build it for me. Nuttin' big or fancy just a shed with a slope roof, front porch and french . OVER KILL!!! He wanted it to match the rest of the home! But since I do not have to pay for labor I guess all I can say is "build on honey". Really though all I asked for was a small storage shed for furniture and out of season items. The dogs are helping him, I looked down once today to see how he was coming along and Sassy actually had the hammer in her mouth taking it to him...I guess Tinsley was the foreman 'cause he was just laying there. And inside...Eli was helping me play hide and seek. You see I have a trencher full of tootsie rolls and he thinks it's fun to get them out and bat them around on the floor...when he can't find it or it gets lost he goes and gets another and another. Sooo, today it was my turn to find all the tootsie rolls, and believe me they were everywhere. The last one I found was behind the toilet. I have not moved the stove yet...wonder what I will find? Little Kitty loved milk tops, Champ like bread ties and Eli and his tootsie rolls. I am almost afraid to clean it out. I personally think it's a job for a man...Oh sweetie pie!!!
Well my friends, I think I am headed back to the home shop, it's nice now that I can see my way around.
Have a great evening.
Blessings to you and yours


  1. Lucky girl! I'd die for a storage shed. You should see the garage! Hope you have a great week - I'll just be here sewing and sewing for the next two days. Dawn

  2. WOW!!
    What a gorgeous bowl!!
    It looks wonderful filled with gourds.

  3. I am green with envy. I have never even seen a real trencher. I can only hope to one day own one. It does look great with the gourds. I love fall. If winter only lasted a week, I'd be happy!

  4. I love your trencher of gourds! You are
    lucky to find them. I wish I had a shed
    to put all the extra stuff in!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Love the trencher and gourds, just perfect for the fall season. Like you I am looking forward to Christmas now. Lucky you to have a new storage area, my stuff is crammed into a small spare room.
    Sweet kitties, you have to love them but they can certainly stir up some extra work....
    Have a great week!
    Tina xo

  6. OH Robin a trencher is something I've wanted,like forever!!! You lucky girl!!! Everytime I've seen one it's like you have to take out a mortgage on it to pay for it!!!
    Wonder if I'll ever have one,(big sigh)

    My little 2lb. Yorkshire Terrorist,Sissy's newest hobby is to bring little pieces of food from her bowl and scatter them ALL over the living room floor and I do mean ALL OVER!!!

    The Queen

  7. What a beautiful trencher full of gourds. And how sweet of your hubby to build you a storage shed.