Friday, October 15, 2010

The Other Side of the Story

Howdy folks. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tinsley and I am the "Little Brown Dog" of the house. We need to get a few things cleared up from the Eli thing. Us dogs were not the push over he makes us out to be. We gave him the cold shoulder, yes sir we did.
I did not just fall all over myself when HE came in. Heck, I aint ever seen anything like him until just s few weeks ago. He thinks I gave him the bed, shoot I go under the covers, and he's not allowed under there cause we fight. Yeah, so I let him play with my old ball...rolled in pee first!!!! I'm not playin' with that, I hid my good ball. He gets locked up when they leave, I stand outside the bathroom door and bark at him...that'll teach him a thing or two. Sassy and I actually hid most of his toys and he is to stupid to figure that out, he just plays with a stupid piece of how DUMB is that!!!! OH, and my Dad tied a piece of cloth on a stick and he chases about silly. Well, actually I kinda play withem' too. So you see guys, we did not like him at first, but over the past several weeks the little fella has grown on us, but we are still on our peas and cues with him. We have figured out that he is gonna stay even though Mom is allergic to should hear her sneezin' and sometimes saying a few choice words that I am not allowed to repeat. And as for "Little Kitty", she didn't much like me when I came here and we are great buds now. Somehow I just don't think Eli is going to win her over. I heard Mom and Dad talking the other night and they were saying she may have cancer. I know she got a really funny looking hair cut. I think they call it a Mohawk. My friend has not been herself lately and we just kinda leave her alone, although she will let me lick her on the top of the head every morning. I am sure gonna miss her. I think they are still waiting for the phone call to see exactly what she has. But that is another story...we guys are all family here and I call us
The Bad....Eli
The Ugly...."Little Kitty" (only 'cause her haircut)
The Wizard...Sassy...cause she is the oldest and thinks she's knows it all!!
Mom wanted me to show you a picture, but my paws deleted it, so I guess that's that.
It was of her Merrie Days, but she said she would do it another time. Oh yeah...and another thing...I had permission to talk to you...Eli didn't. Dumb cat, I am not now nor will I ever be his horse!!!


  1. Oh Tinsley, you little stinker! No jealousy now, there's always enough love in your heart for one more. Who knows, maybe Mama loves you best. Have a great weekend, Dawn

  2. I love these stories!! Always makes me smile!!

  3. Who Knew...there are two budding writers in the household...Robin, errrrr Tinsley, you have the gift of writing and sharing and bringing your readers lots of smiles.
    Looking forward to staying tuned...
    hugs, Gail

  4. Dear Tinsley, It sound like you're getting along well with your "siblings". At least you let Eli know who is boss!! You and Sassy will keep him in line. Hope Little Kitty feels better!!