Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Just Takes a Phone Call.... change all of your plans!! Yesterday I had high hopes of "doing" everything on my list...
well ya know what happened??? Country Sampler photographers called and wanted more pictures of the home place...WOOHOO!! So I spent the entire day cleaning, picking up and taking pictures. The one below is my kitchen table, peaceful. Lori made the doll, she is so cute.
I'll show you some more another day. So I am waiting for the Schmidt's to call back and set a date for a "real" shoot. I am thinking that it has to be after the first of the year. Just toooo much going on right now. He did want to know was I ready to put up any trees for Christmas yet....NOOOO.
Today I will make up for lost time, after I go to the store for Lee, hunting supplies...a.k.a. FOOD. Men...why can't HE go and get what HE wants? I am not sure when he and Justin are going but you can be sure that I am READY!!!! OMG the whole bed to myself, well kinda I do have Tinsley and Eli ya know. Maybe I should just give them my bed and sleep in another room. It does not matter, what does matter is NO SNORING!!! YEAH, Lee says I snore, well I can't hear it so who cares ,Right!!? I am not thinking that Tinsley and Eli will complain...the floor is hard!! LOL
This is quick today my friends, I really gotta get going and get back home so I can GET TO WORK...I did finish my needle punch last night.
BTW...what is up with DWTS...who is voting and what are they thinking???
Have a blessed day,


  1. HOW EXCITING!!! (Both the magazine and having the bed to yourself.) Seriously, can't wait to see a big spread on your homeplace. Dawn

  2. Robin, SOO Exciting!! A CS Feature!!! So much better then my 2nd best product shoot!!! Me thinks they are looking to shoot yuor home for Christmas if they are asking about trees....
    Ok, DWTS.... I am rooting for Jennifer Grey, sometimes you just want to say, ok I will say it...WTF???? The football guy should of left last night for sure! OLm

  3. OH Robin, I am so excited for you...where are you located re: Bechlin Farm...? Barb and I wondered if we had passed your farm.

    Congratz...don't know how they heard of you...??? but it might be your wonderful photos and whitty writings on your blog.
    hugs, Gail

  4. OH, and be xtra cautious if going up or down stairs with the guys gone while you are excitedly readying your farm:)

  5. How exciting!!! Your place will look wonderful in the magazine.
    I know what you mean about DWTS. I'm voting for Jennifer to win, too.