Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If Fall Were A Rainbow...

...do you think these would be it's colors? Love these rich hand dyed wools. I am so looking forward to begin a hooked project with them, but first things first. I am just about finished another Christmas needle punch and a stump doll. Then I will begin to "play" with these.
I almost prefer to just leave them in the bowl and "finger" them every once in a while. They look pretty sitting on the old farm table as a decoration.
Well, I screwed up my lower back again...I had to sleep in the other room....HE was snoring....and the bed is to soft and that really did a number on my back. I have taken some Tylenol but so far it has not touched it. Oh well, maybe it will kick in soon.
So...whatcha working on? I know many of you are sewing, stitching and busy creating for the holiday season, isn't it GREAT!! No pumpkins, no more orange!!! YEAH! Now it is the earthy colors of what I call "Fallcrist". The BEST time of year...between now and Christmas. I do not use the "traditional" colors of Christmas, mine are more like the colors of wools in the bowls. I am so ready... in fact I am already listening to "seasonal" music!! Gotta get inspired to sew up some santas and such.
Well friends, my lower back is killing me from sitting in this chair, so I am off to the home shop and paint for a while I think. Or do something that requires no sitting for a while and see if that helps.
Have a blessed day,


  1. So sorry to hear you're achin' again. Those woolens are just beautiful. I'm working on hooking a large Santa piece that I can hang on my coat closet door.
    Hope you can get some relief!

  2. You poor girl! Hope your back gets feeling better SOON. I'm sewing snowmen, santas, gingerbread men and dolls to get ready for our Christmas redo of the shop and the show in Angola, IN. Yup, today is going to be a sewing marathon. Feel better soon, Dawn

  3. Hi Robin,
    Sorry to hear about your back, hope it will be better soon. I love those colors, I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful things you will create with them.


  4. Robin, so sorry you are having back problems. Those are beautiful colors - looking forward to seeing your creation.