Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Playin' Around

Good afternoon! Yep, it's late I know, but took some killer cold medicine last night and it was lights out. But before I took that I did manage to have some fun with wax. The Santa is suppose to be a soap mold but I altered it a little and made him into a wax Christmas ornament. I have 2 little sheep and the olde child's shoe. Still need to make the mate to it. These are done with 100% beeswax that has been blackened and then grubbied up a bit with my blend of spices. I also poured up some soy tarts...Farmhouse Tarts is what I call them. Yesterdays blend was Apple Harvest...for the Apple Fest coming up and Granny Smith's Tart Apple (even though the tart color is red!) Ya shoulda seen the mess on my stove! Do you know how hard it is to get wax off the stove top!!! I miss the shop, had a stove in the cook room and it did not matter that a little wax spilled on it, but this is the home stove and it's gotta come off. It took me longer to get the wax off then it did to melt the wax and pour it up. I have a REALLY cool 3-D crow mold that I am trying to learn to pour up....SOON. Cause I want one of these for myself!
Lori and I were in the paper again!! YEAH Same article just a different paper. But we will take that any day!
We framed today...Lori's Christmas Sampler...I bet she does not want my help doin' that again. Just because I have a contractor's license does NOT mean I can read a ruler or tape measure. I can paint, lay floors, hang wallpaper, do plumbing and minor electrical...but read a ruler...
But we (she) got her done and it is beautiful!!!!
Well my friends...gotta start Lee's dinner...although leftovers don't take that much thought!
Until tomorrow.


  1. {{{{I think a little sheep needs to come live at notforgotten farm}}}}

  2. I'm getting a cold too - DARN! Love your wax things. I would really like to learn how to do that, but I don't even know where to buy the wax! Hope you're feeling better soon, Dawn

  3. Those are adorable Robin. Get to feeling better soon!!