Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Afar.....

You can almost see the booth. We were in an old schoolhouse and I think hubby went up on the stage to take this picture...and mine were not that great...I was to close. Such is life I guess I WILL take better pictures at the Apple Fest.
Today the window guy is coming to replace the van window. Yep...shattered on Lee yesterday on the way to work. A large something hit it and he said he watched that crack spread across the window and spider off...actually he said it was pretty cool to watch it . Well, I hope I think it is pretty cool when I write the check to pay for the window.
I will spend today in the cook room again. Let's see today I am pouring up wax melts...Blue Ridge Farmhouse and Colonial Tymes are the scents today I think. If I get the chance I will also pour up some Walnut Grove Apple Pie (Little House on the Prairie). I was asked for these to be at the Apple Fest since I did not bring any to the Sorghum...oops I forgot to make any.

I am thinking about having a give-away when I reach 100 followers...whacha think? It will be a bunch of wax goodies and maybe even a wood goodie or really big furniture though.
I so appreciate every follower and every comment. Thank you for allowing me into your home for a visit.
After the last festival is done...I will start showing bits and pieces of my home...and thank you for asking to see it.
Well, the beeswax is hot!!! It's time to start pouring thing up.
Until next time.
Blessings to you.


  1. Don't know if this is different in different states, but our auto insurance pays for replacing broken windows with no deductible. Something you might want to check in to.

  2. Wish you were in Michigan to teach classes for me! I'd love to learn about the melted wax. Have fun today, Dawn

  3. Hi Primsue..I did check and since it just has liability ins. they won't cover it. Thanks for thinking of that though. They did pay for our Jeeps new window. Have a great day!

  4. Hey Robin!!..have a great day!!!~~hugs,Jen

  5. I had to enlarge the pic, so I could
    check everything out! I hope you had
    a great show.

    Bear Hugs~Karen