Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi Y'All...It's Eli

Howdy Folks. It's me..Eli..remeber me? The little fellow that received this really nice home as a gift. Just wanted to let you know I am o.k., well actually I am better than o.k...this place rocks.Do you know that they gave ME their bed. Yeppers baby, I sleep in the big bed basket for me anymore. I get carried to bed each night like a king, I must admit though I haven't really learned the steps yet. Last time I tried coming down them I ended up ass over end...WHEW, I was scared to death...thought for sure I was a goner...but she saved me and loved on me.
I pretty much rule the roost...I think it's cause I am so little. The dogs, they were a breeze. That little brown hot dog is my horse..YIPPIE and GETTY UP. Sometimes he does not like it, I think it's my claws. The white dog...well she's just to old to run and chase me. But she does let me climb on her and when I fall out the bed she lets me sleep with her. There is another animal here, I pretty much think I will grow up to look like her..even though I am a guy. I hate her, she is such a jerk. For some unknown reason she hates me. She growls and hisses at me all the time. I LOVE chasing her and sneaking up behind her!! I am faster than her, she won't catch me. As for my owners...well actually I own them...I am a cat ya know. They are great. I meow I get picked up, or fed, or rubbed pretty much whatever I want I get. I even got the little brown dogs ball!!! Yes here is great!
OH NO here she comes...gotta go guys, I will talk at ya later.
Eli....The Great


  1. Dear Eli, sounds like you found the honey pot for a new home! Congratulations. I know you'll win over that other feline that lives in the house, those eyes could woo anyone! Tell you owner "hello" for me. Dawn

  2. Eli, you have me in have already become king of the house and now you have learned the art of making others "laugh" you are a charming handsome little man; I look forward to reading of your ventures...and don't worry about the "queen" of the house cat, she just isn't sure yet but she will adore you...give her time:)

  3. Too cute! We recently became the proud parents of a little gray kitten that had somehow found its way into my in-laws garage. We rescued her and brought her home. She's (Sally) finally warming up to us...think she figured out just where the food is coming from! lol

  4. Cute! Sounds like my Chum! Kitties do
    rule the roost!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Hey you!
    It's Skippy here!
    Hug her legs, it works like a charm!

  6. Eli is sooo cute, and funny too!

    If cats could only talk, huh? what would they say??

  7. Cats always land on their feet and Eli landed in a great place! He and Fluffy Tuffy - the cat who adopted us - should compare notes. Tuffy doesn't get to sleep with us, tho' That's Skye's territory plus I'm allergic!