Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gone Double Nuts

Hi Friends. So....the girls went shopping yesterday and we had a blast...we always do. Laughter is the best medicine. After my somber last post this one will hopefully have you chuckling. I just want you to know that NO animal was hurt during the filming of this picture.................................
I think this is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
A friend at the Apple Fest brought these over for me to see, thank you a bunch Janice for such a unique and comical item.
Someone asked if they were Lee's...since I have QUIT smoking (yeah me!!) they thought that maybe I had done something drastic...I will repeat myself....
So, here is hoping that maybe this made you smile or chuckle.
Gotta get ready to head to the shop...getting pretty busy getting ready for the Open House, do you know it is only like 60 days till Christmas. Ya know, if I look hard enough I can 'prolly find needles from last years tree, and now it's almost time to do it AGAIN...woooow, where did the year go? My Gram always told me that the older you get the faster time would go so you should not want to wish your life away. Now mind you she was telling that to a seven year old who was wishing she was one of the "Big" I am more than ready to put the brakes on and just sit in park for a's crazy how she was right!!!
Have a blessed day...


  1. Truer words were never spoken! I'm so relieved to hear that those nuts are not Lee's! Whew! You had us all worried for a minute. Have fun at the shop, Dawn

  2. Love the nuts!!! YIKES, less then 60 days to Christmas, I think I will go cry now! OLM

  3. Robin ~
    First let me begin by saying congrats on quitting smoking. It's not easy to quit and stay quit.
    Oh, you are right about time flying. Just yesterday it was hot and humid, or so I'd like to believe and here it is mid-October.
    I just ready the post about Little Kitty. Bless you for allowing her to go peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Love those nuts!!! It's quite the attention grabber! Congrats on quitting smoking!!! I did it nearly 6 months ago and feel GREAT!!! Keep moving forward! :-)

  5. Robin, I am proud of you:) Congratz on baby sis quit for 2 full months after her cancer surgery:( she is back at it...I so admire anyone who stays quit...I need some positive news and yours is...hugs, Gail