Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi Guys...It's Eli....

...and i know how to do it!! HEEEYY...what's been going on. Boy things are exciting around here!! Dad is getting ready for the "Big" hunt and Mom just keeps laughing...something about the great white hunter. And it's a good thing that we do not depend on him for meat for the winter.
Personally....I like the bag stuff myself. Then Mom keeps going around telling all of us we are going on vacation...hey I am getting excited....what's vacation?? She is going with "The Girls" and I am going with "My Buds" to some place called a puppy and kitty hotel, sometimes she calls it the "Vets". What the heck is that?? Guess I'll find out, I guess they will take some photos of me 'cause she says that I'll get some "Shots" while there, I am game, I think I am rather photo friendly!! She didn't say anything about Sassy and Tinsley getting shots...they just aren't cute enough I guess. Welllll, not EVERYBODY can be as cute as ME!
I am getting better at coming down the stairs...but I still need to pay better attention to them...or so SHE says...I think she should have painted the darn things a different color other than black...HELLOOO it's dark. But the bestest thing is to hide on them...they are black, I am black and I crouch in the corner...gets Tinsley every time. I jumped of the steps through the rails a few minutes ago...for that I have to be put up today...guess she did not find ANY humor in that. I am not stupid enough to go to the very top and do that...that would be like suicide...heck of a drop!! She say she puts me up for MY protection...I think it is for her sanity. But when she puts me up it gives me time to plan all my attacks on everybody...she says I bounce off walls when I am let's just all part of the plan!
Well, I am going now, things to do and Tootsie Rolls to find....I know where they are!!
See ya 'round
I'll let you know how MY vacation goes...woohoo!!


  1. Eli, It sounds like you keep things lively around the Harrison household!!