Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holy Moly...300 Antique Dealers in 1 Place

Good evening to you. Hope that you had a fantastic weekend!! I did!!! Lee and I went to Fishersville, VA this weekend and there was 300+ antique dealers in one LARGE place!!! Look at that fabric I found. Blue on one side and red on the other. Perfect size olde quilt squares. Here you can see what I picked up. We did not go to shop, just to spend the day together doing what we love...touching the olde painted furniture and gabbing with friends. Yep, we actually new some of the dealers. I was really surprised to see them there. But it was good, kinda like a reunion. Gourds, six total, and some smalls. Cute little child's dress.
But look at this hunk of tobacco I did manage to buy off of Jack and Kathy!!!! This is hanging in my kitchen right now but will make it's way into the den where I have a tobacco basket
hanging from my ceiling....well I had no where else to put it. Yep, I decorate my ceiling. I also have a huge early rake hanging out there along with early baskets, rug beaters, sifters, and the largest apple butter paddle I have ever seen. O.K. I have gotten off track. Back to today...what fun we did have, of course the weather was wonderful...just kinda hot. We had a nice lunch out, and he even took me by Ben Franklin for more...are you ready???....yep, FABRIC!! One can never have to much...right? I truly think I can win this fabric game thing. Remember who ever has the most wins...I will for sure come in a close second then. They had it all 20% off!! And this was the last day for the sale...thanks sweetie for taking me. I know I am beat...walking on those gravels and the concrete has really made my feet hurt, yeah wear better shoes next time!!
This will be a busy week, the last festival is this weekend...YEAH!!! I love doing them but it is also a lot of work, plus hunting season is coming and "The Girls" will be heading for Ohio for the Simple Goods Show. WOOHOO!!!
Lori mentioned on her blog and I will too, if any of you are going and would like to meet, please e-mail us or leave a comment. We would love to hook-up and do lunch. I think she said noon out front of the building.
I am so embarrassed that Eli told all the family secrets, now you know what suckers we are for our fury children. Trust me it's bad. But I think Tinsley has another side to the story...we shall see.
Well, I have kept you long enough and I know it's getting late so I shall say Goodnight.


  1. Hi Robin,

    I see Clifford Festival post and wondering...DO you have a recipe for Molasses Candy or know how to get it? Read of it in a Sarah Orne Jewett story and you know how those hungry taste buds keep thinking of wanting to sample it. It sold well in the story, lol

  2. Oh Robin, I received my soaps from you on Friday! Oh it is wonderful. I have to watch that my kids aren't washing their hands too much -lol! And I threatened them if they use the angel soap - she is mine! Thank you! SUE

  3. Robin, 300 dealers in one spot, my heart just skipped a beat!!! So wish I could go to the simple goods show! OLM