Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Before and After....

...well sorta. Do you folks remember the furniture I had pictured last year
that was out in the driveway? You DO! (Where is it 'cause I can't find it ANYWHERE
on this computer)...any way...the white cabinet below I sold to a lady in W.VA.
and the we decided we wanted to re-do the other...AND...drum roll please.....
and here is the inside. This one does not have the flour bin,
but has that neat little shelf. We replaced the bottom, 1 side panel and the insert panel
on the front door...people and their dumb stickers!!!!
So, do you like? I am hoping to sell this at the show coming up in Feb. With all of the hard work
that Lee put into this I am asking $ you think that is too high?
You can see part of an enamel top table he has done to match this and we have one more piece
that I call an island with an enamel top that I will show you when it is finished!!
Today I am headed to Bedford to "play" in the shop and take up new merchandise.
It looks kinda like a bomb went off in the booth, so I will pretty much be up there all day.
Please let me know about the price of that cabinet and if you think that is a fair price, I appreciate your feedback and comments A LOT!!!!
Have a blessed day,


  1. Wow Robin, what a transformation!! I would be thrilled to find that cabinet for $450 in Texas. I think it is a very fair price.
    Have fun playing with all the stuff in your booth!!

  2. This turned out wonderful...!


  3. Wow! It's beautiful!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Wow, Robin, I think that is more than fair. I paid way more than that 20 years ago for one similar that I had to strip and refinish.
    Someone will be getting a good bargain.

  5. I'd say that's a great price, especially for a piece they can take right into their home and use. I'll have to tell you about my new bargains soon, Dawn

    Robin found a pair of old white shoes at that link...wrote you before as to IF you were still looking:) How are you, friend?

  7. Very fair price Robin, you might even try for more! I bought mine for 300.00 and it's not nearly as nice as yours!!

  8. Hi Robin,
    I think that is more than a fair price. So often I see these that are in bad condition and they are asking 300-350.00. This one is beautiful. It's all ready to move in and decorate. I love it.

  9. Love it and the re-do is fantastic! $450 is definately not too much to ask!

  10. Beautiful!
    and yes you should ask for more, you can always come down if you need too. Personaly, I think it will sell faster than you think...

  11. Robin, If that was the price here by me, I would think I stole it from you with a smile!!! A great deal.... probably should ask more! OLM

  12. Hi, I love it! In Illinois that would go for closer to $500-550. Beautiful piece, I would snatch that one up if I was in the market! You guys did a great job.