Monday, January 24, 2011

Good afternoon....quick peak at the Candle Makers Cupboard.This is made from an old wood and a shutter. It has a little drawer, a small pull down bin
2 cubbies and behind the shutter is 3 shelves. There is no "stain" on this...
just the brie wax for the finish and a little shoe polish here and there. I was going to
paint many cranies for I just let Lee wax it. It really shows up dark in the pic, but in person it is a little lighter. I think if there was such a thing as a Candle Makers Cupboard then he would have liked this beside him to hold his "stuff"...wax and wicks and such.
Did everyone have a good weekend? And were you satisfied with your football games?
Who won....heck who played!!!!??? Did some scouting yesterday...always on the
lookout for "new things".
Nothing else much has gone on, still working on the rabbits and I am getting ready to
put some small stuff up on etsy.
Have a blessed day and will talk to you later.


  1. Hey Robin!
    I had a great weekend! I worked on a quilt for the daughter and took pitures (homework for classes!). I love the cubby, it's really cute and unique. Great job.

  2. What a great piece! You always find the most fun stuff. I'm so excited, I have a whole load of new goodies coming soon. It's so much fun to have new things to share at the shop - both new, old and handmade. Have a great week, Dawn

  3. That is a nice piece - hubby did a great job on it.


  4. Love that cubby Robin!! I've never used the brie wax but might have to try it. I love the look.
    I had a so so week-end, worked Saturday and didn't do much Sunday. Too tired after all those dust bunnies.8-)
    Have a great day!!