Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just When I Thought.....

...that I had everything organized (?) in the home shop....what happens...
yeppers....HE decides that the "cook area" needs to be on my side....WHERE????
So needless to say my shop is torn all to @#&* AGAIN!!!!!!
No wonder I never get anything done. I spend half my life just trying to
get organized. I am trying VERY hard to be nice while HE turns things upside down....
Enough already....my friend Anita (Three Old Crows) came for a visit yesterday...
just a quick refresher course on stenciling...and this is what she turned out....and this one....
I think she did a fine job on both.

O.K. I have put it off long enough....I have to cut this short and head into the shop...
I need to pour up soap and play in wax...AFTER I finish putting a few things away.

Have a Blessed day my Friends,


  1. Robin,
    You are too nice. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you in your shop. Thank you so much.

  2. The stencils are great...I love crows! And I know all about HIM wanting to move things!! We have that problem here at times LOL!!!

  3. Hey Robin,
    Oh my, sounds like my Hubby! Drives me nuts..
    Love the signs.

  4. Robin!!! LOL!! we must love the hubby's? right? Stenciling, love them! OLM

  5. Hi Robin, love the stencils!!
    Ahh, the He's in our lives and the problems they create!! But we do love em anyway.8-)
    Have a great day!1