Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Down.......

and a thousand more to complete. Projects that is. This is a little
pillow tuck that is filled with poly and a LOT of lavender. Nope not my design
and if I could find the little package I would tell ya who's it is. I know I left it on my work table the other night......ELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not to much to report on this end. Going today to the shop to undo and re-do. But somehow with Felicia, Lori and I, I see more talking going on.

Then it will be taking charge of the home shop AGAIN!!!! What in the heck happened down there I will never know. It just seems like I can never keep it straight.....and I have not EVEN been down there. Lee just unloaded the trailer and van, and ya know how men unload things now don't you.....they just DROP it. So now it is my job to inventory it all in and get it priced and re-packed for the shows and shops. I think I need to leave Eli in the basement for a couple of days....there is a small little field mouse in for the winter I think. I saw a few signs this morning.

Oh yeah...before I forget.....Lee is trying to quit smoking. He is on day 4, and driving me insane. I am on month 6 and really can't remember what it was like when I smoked. Please wish US luck.

Have a blessed day,



  1. WOW! You've made it six months without smoking? Tell me how! Busy here too, talk to you soon, Dawn

  2. That's a great little pillow. Congrats to you both with the quitting smoking.

  3. Best wishes for quitting! That is the healthiest & best thing you could both do! I quit almost 6 years ago & will NEVER go back. I can't even stand the smell of it now... drive me insane! :)

  4. Robin, good luck to hubby on quitting, it's so hard.. We don't smoke here, but my son started at college, UGH! I harp on him everyday about quitting! OLM

  5. Congrats on quitting smoking - good for you! Adorable pillow tuck!