Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lookie What I Got.........

a light dusting of wet snow. Look at the trees against that beautiful sky.I took this through one of the den doors, so if it looks cloudy you will know that the windows
need to be
Saturday....the get it all done day.....laundry, cleaning, market, and today I am throwing in
"shopping" for apartments. No I am not moving. I am helping Lee get the materials together
to put back together one that we have remodeled, plus the one we have started.
He's gotta wait though....we bought a new van and I am NOT taking it out
with ANY snow on the roads. FINAL!!!!! We no longer have our much loved
"Hoo Jeep". I gave him that for his 50th birthday. We are getting older and since it was going on 5 years old, money wise it was time to trade. Sooooo, since my van is on it's last leg and we wanted something we could travel in and be safe we decided to take the plunge and buy a new work/treasure hunt van. ROAD TRIP!!!!!! It only has 2 seats though....guess I could bungee cord
someone to the side.....any takers on that??!!!
Have a fantastic Saturday,


  1. What a pretty picture!Have fun planning those road trips in that van....and hey 2 seats just means more room for treasures!!