Monday, January 17, 2011

Remember...Do Not Take Any Wooden Nickels.....

.....or is that sinks?!! I just had to have this wooden sink
from the auction. I think it is I have never seen one before. She is a heavy thing for sure, but I have
polished her with oil soap and she is ready for her debut at the show.
Soooo, how was your weekend? We had date night Friday night....slim pickins' friends!
They will not have another auction for 3 weekends.....what am I suppose to do now?????
I am going to check out one called....are ya ready for this.....
The Cow Palace.
I love that name. That one is held on Wed. mornings I think.
Yesterday was spent picking out lumber for some furniture building projects
and some peg board for a wall he is building for me to use at the shows. Nuttin' exciting
happening around here. We may get some mixture of weather this afternoon and a few
flakes tomorrow but after the 60 degree weather we had over the weekend I doubt it will
be here for long!!! I still want some cold weather...just not ready for spring yet. I have NOT
complained about any cold weather yet...haven't had a lot of it but lets not forget.....
we are ONLY 5 weeks into winter! seems like Christmas was eons has
only been about 23 days....and look...January is almost over....AND just think now....
YOU only have 10.5 shopping months to Christmas....AGAIN!!!
Just thought I would let you all know....calm down!!! lol
Have a Blessed Day My Friends


  1. Hi Robin, I love that sink!!
    I myself am ready for spring. 50 degrees is too cold for me.8-) There must be a reason God had me born in Texas.8-)
    Have a great day!!

  2. What a beautiful sink!!! I wish I knew how to find auctions.then again It mayu not be a good thing for me as I love stuff!!! ;)

  3. That sink is amazing! I have never seen wone either! Neat!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Cool sink! I'm wondering how much it would have to be dried after each use if you were to actually use it. Guess you will just have to do some thrift store or antique shopping to tie you over for awhile! :) Be safe in the icky weather that is coming. We are suppose to get an ice storm here tonight too.

  5. Hey Robin!
    LOVE IT! That's the neetest sink I've seen in some time! Wish i was closer, we don't have good auctions around these parts...
    Luck find,

  6. Wow, 60 degrees, lucky! Its 9 here this morning in Illinois. Love the sink, never new they existed.

  7. That sink is awesome! I love it!


  8. OMG!!! So love that sink!!! too cool.....OLM