Friday, January 21, 2011

Please Turn Them Off Already.....

...the tears that is.
Oh my...they have been a flowin'!
The hormones are ragin' I guess....
I have cried at Oprah...
Down Under ya know...touching stories
I have cried at Idol....
They just are so happy when they win...
touching stories here also.
O.K. I cried at the Walton's....
we just Love the Walton's
Enough already....I am scared to go out and
when I do believe me I have a hanky!!!!
I just wish I could finish this "whatever stage of life" that
my body seems to be stuck in!!!! It gets a little
There is no Date Night tonight...I am sure that at some point
in my day I shall cry about that also! I am going today to
order some NEW business cards...woohoo!!!!
I got my new banner and magnets for the van the other day...
Sharon did a great job on them.
I am so glad that you all liked the Sellar's Cabinet....and as soon as the other
piece is done I will show you the set.
Have a Blessed Day


  1. Mornin' Robin,
    Oh girl, I know what your going through. I have days that I feel like I should just holed up in the closet with my kleenex and Skippy.. I sure wish these things had a time schedule so that we knew when the end was near! I'm forever adjusting my diet trying to find a happy medium...

  2. Hey Robin, been there done that, do it pretty regular as a matter of fact.8-) Yesterday morning was my day for it, I cried over everything. But by noon I was done and cleaned house till almost 8 o'clock last night. Guess I should get on a crying jag more often.
    Have a great non-weepy day!!

  3. I know it is tough... my body is telling me of those kind of changes lately too. We just need to find the positives in crying... it has to be good for something! Hang in there Robin! :)

  4. We all must be the same age....I cry over everything too! Hope you have a better day!