Thursday, January 27, 2011

Matching Pair....

Well, here it is...the "set". Sorry there is no before pic of the little piece...I know I took it
just can't find it. Today I am building a bucket bench and a table top pie safe complete with rusty screen.
I will show you some pics of them when complete.
Are we having a good week?? Same old stuff 'round here although the other day I did
take a road trip through the Shenandoah Valley, THAT was nice. The views and the antiques that I saw were awesome. Thank you Donna for a very fun day. Can you believe that I....
Me, Moi, did NOT buy the first thing!!! I was soooo proud of myself for coming
home empty handed...which by the way will 'prolly NEVER happen again!
Seriously though, I just went to keep her company and get out of the house for a little while.
I have already told Mr. Lee that HE WILL be taking me back...although I really have no clue
as to where we were, heck...we were in folks houses....WOW! They HAD some stuff, and the homes were beautiful! I guess I need a map, and little flags stuck on it to tell us which direction to head to. That will be another day, like AFTER spring. It was a bit on the
cool side in that valley.
They said that we were suppose to get some weather yesterday....they lied.
....we had thunder, lightning and sleet at the same time...FREAKY! Next came some
HUGE snow flakes for about an hour and then I honestly thought the sun was coming out!
Our grass never even got covered. BUMMER!!! I love snow!!
Since I have hubby at home today, I am going down and take FULL advantage of him....
NOOOO not like THAT...
I just need to make sure he is working on what needs to be completed....
and not just foolin' around. Cant' ya just here the "snap" of my
Y'all have a great day,

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  1. Robin, you always cheer me when I visit you...thanks for a great post; thanks also for a visit to my blog...been so busy with moving our shoppe etc. not blogging much...hope to pick up on it...even got my wonderful new camera. I love your energy level...take care and will visit soon to see what you finished:) hugs,