Wednesday, January 5, 2011

He's Back At It.....

...getting into trouble that is. THIS is what I deal with, but love it so much.
He has been eying that dishwasher for a while now and I guess he finally got his nerve up toJUMP right in as we would say. See Donna he REALLY was in the dishwasher and NO I
did not put him in there. But don't 'cha just love that "Who Me" look on his face.
Trust me he is NOT the sweet little kitty you guys think he is. He can be mean as a snake.
I got a letter yesterday from the Altavista Chamber of Commerce and they would like me to be a vendor at their once a year festival, and I think I am gonna do it. This will be the first weekend of June...I am pretty excited about that and looking forward to it. I love doing shows and meet so many really nice people.
Well I guess I better go and get my butt in gear....I FINALLY got all my trees down and all
of the Christmas stuff up last I just have to sweep floors and get up all that
#*^# glitter that is EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Plus I need to really push and get things made for the show next month!!!!
Feb. 12, 2011
Winter In The Valley
Fishersville, VA
Early Bird 9-11
Show 11-4


  1. Sure wish you weren't so far away, I'd love to come to the show. Okay, now get busy, Dawn

  2. Mornin' Robin,
    Hah, Eli has that look in his eye! You know the look, the one that says... Go ahead make me! See what else I've planned.......
    (Insert evil laugh)
    I woke up to the cupboard doors rattlin'...Yep Skippy spent the night with a box of granola bars and a bag of cheetos! Guess it's time for child safty locks!

  3. Naught kitty!!!! He looks rotten but adorable!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. He's adorable, it's the little things in life!