Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please...Give Me The Number......

to my local chapter of the 12 Step Program for Stink Bugs!!!! There HAS got to
be some kinda help out there that will teach me to co-exist with these THINGSbetter than I am. Did they like miss the memo that told them:
TO: All insects and bugs
FROM: The Big Man
RE: when to die
To All insects and Bugs,
please be informed that when it gets cold...below either DIE
or hibernate....but YOU DO NOT keep on gettin' it.
The Big Man
Sooooo, what part of that DID they NOT get????? I would like to choke the inspector
of the crate that let these little bugs over here....personally I think they dropped
the crate in my house!!
So, I figure that since we have a program for EVERYTHING out there that we
should have one on this subject also.....cause when you go to brush your
teeth and you have one of these STUPID things on your tooth brush it will make you
go nuts...hence the we NEED a program!!!
O.K. I'm good...until one of these things comes flying by my head and sounds like a
Boeing 747 coming in for a landing!!!! Ya know they survived the atomic bomb just like
the cockroach and they have no natural enemy...except a chicken will eat them...but they do not go lookin' for 'em and I can't keep chickens in every room of my home!!! And I would not exactly call a chicken an enemy. Turkey Buzzard yes...chicken no.
This weekend will be spent finishing up a lot of smalls, like the ones I showed ya a few days back and working in the basement. I will tell ya all about our weekend on Monday!!
So with that said my dear friends....


  1. Ohhh I so dislike bugs in my house! And I have an old house so there are bugs and spiders on occassion. I think I just have to vaccuum more so I suck them up or something. Good luck with convincing them its winter and they should all be dead!

  2. Robin, I'm in Silver Spring and we still have them too!! I don't remember having them in the Winter before. I probably kill at least 3 a day. Where are they hiding out??

  3. Robin, I feel your pain, few winters ago, we did not get very cold and they were always there... They hide in the walls and come out for visits! ICK! Good luck! OLM

  4. Actually I heard/read somewhere not long along that there was a big problem with these "stink bugs" this past year. We have our house treated every other month because I do not like ants and we have a lot of ants around us.

  5. Hi Robin! Ewwww... those look nasty!!!! We don't have them here in Ohio. I guess they must not like below 0 weather. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by today. I got my fabric from Primfolks by Judy, Hearthside quilt shop in Kidron, Ohio and the eagle and cross stitch looking fabric at a thrift store in Kidron also.


  6. Now I dislike JUNEBUGS even more. When they buzz and touch me.................eeeeewwwwwww. I run the other way! EEEEEWWWWWWWWWW