Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Bloomer...What Is It?

What is this LARGE thing that is growing? We were told it was a Mole Bean Plant, someone
else said it was not, sooo what is it? You can see the gourds are growing and the decorator corn is comin along...but we NEED rain. This large whole in the ground is where the previous owners
had a pool, we decided to take it out. Now we use it for fun stuff...corn to dry, gourds to
use in the fall and tomatoes...which are pretty dead!
This is my flower "bed" The old bed was a gift from a friend. These tomatoes look great and the morning glory just started to grow one day, it's looking good. In here we have several tomato plants, our dolphin statue some ferns and lambs ear.
I hope that someone can tell me what that large free bloomer is in the first picture.
Thanks in advance!!
Blessings from the olde home.


  1. I think you have a "hollyhock" plant! Love them, we have several here. Have a great day, Dawn

  2. Thanks Dawn, I greatly appreciate knowing what this "thing" is that just popped up one day. Talk later, still want that info.

  3. Hi Robin!

    Definately "hollyhocks!" I love your flower bed!

    Lee at Falling Star Primitives

  4. I thought hollyhock too. :) Your flower 'bed' is lookin' good! I'll have to get some pics of mine to post soon too. In the center of mine is a volunteer sunflower.

  5. Thank you to everyone that let me know what my "thing" is. I am so glad it finally has a name.