Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Official...I am Packed

O.K. well maybe not all the way. I still have the last minute "stuff" to include. But I have the important things packed...a book, flip flops, lotion, drawing pad and of course a deck of cards. Yeah, I got some clothes included also. Seems like this year is my brown or black year. It's like everything I own is either brown/black or a combination of the two. I have opted for casual resort wear, not to dressy but not the beach bum either. I did buy a new game to take with us, Bananagram...has anyone played this before? I thought it looked pretty cool. Kinda like a crossword puzzle. Don't know what the t.v. will be like so I thought we may need a game. Although they have bands on the beach at night so I am thinking that's where I will be!! Along with a "blue" drink in one hand, or maybe in both..who knows.
No...I did not include a picture of the packed suitcase, the room is still a mess. I had to unpack the thing before I could pack it. Seems like that is where I stored some winter stuff, no wonder I could not find that jacket!!lol It's pretty sad when you have to resort to packing an unused suitcase to store stuff thinks I need to go through my clothes and get rid of a LOT of clothes. Maybe that will be the first thing I do when I return from our right. I know me, I will re-load the thing and tell myself I will do it later. I know! I can use the clothes as stuffing for dolls, etc. Yeah, that's it! Now I do not have to get rid of them!! Whew..I am so glad I solved that problem before I left, now I won't have to worry my whole trip about the clothes that are laying around and what to do with them....RECYCLE them!!
So glad I have that under control. Well friends, I must go hold down a tanning bed and do just a little running around and then I will come home and get the house straight...again.
Have a blessed day.

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