Monday, June 7, 2010

A Green Horse?

Yep he is green. And I ran out of thread on his butt!! Gotta go get more. He has been at a stand still for a few days as I have been busy doin' other stuff! I am still debating on the background I WILL decide.
It is run-around day for I still have not packed...Lee packed in five minutes yesterday.
Now he is running around bragging that HE is ready to go. I'll get around to it...but I am so enjoying working with all the new make-do wood items that I have designed. I will give my husband a lot of credit...I design it, he builds it and then returns it back to me to "finish", without him and his power "toys" it would not get done. I love playing with the brad nailer, but the big saws...that is another story...I kinda like my fingers where they are!!!LOL
Hopefully this week Lori(Not Forgotten Farm) and I will get a day trip in as our vacations are back to back...when I return she will be leaving. And 2 weeks without shopping just 'aint gonna happen!!! We so enjoy scavenging for finds. We always manage to "get into" something. But most of the time we don't talk about that!!! Let's just say that my wonderful husband REALLY loves me...although most of the time he looks at me like I am crazy anyway!! But like I have said before...what works in my head doesn't always work on paper...or wood.
Have a fantastic Monday filled with smiles and sunshine.
Blessings to you all.

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