Thursday, June 10, 2010


Happy Thursday...quick post before going out to eat. You will not believe what happened...I broke a tooth..o.k. chipped a tooth right before vacation!! I did get into the dentist this morning to have it fixed...WHEW!!! I was sweating bullets. It was not very large, just a corner of a front tooth, but still I wanted it fixed. Why do these things happen right before you get ready to go somewhere? Well, I said it would be quick, hubby is ready to go get some Chinese food. Will talk to you later. Probably Saturday, and that will be my last post for a while. night tomorrow night. And after about 4 p.m. tomorrow, I officially start my vavcation...Lee started his today at lunch...the dog!
Many Blessings....the blog background went wonky on me...I had to delete it, will fix it later.



  1. Oh NOOOOoooooo !!!!
    I TOLD you not to open those beer bottles like that!
    hehe (just goofing) hope it doesn't hurt and you are all better for your vacation! ~ the chinese food will fix ya right up...have some wasabi for me!
    I'll call you tomorrow...or better yet, I'll stop by your shop! woohoo!

  2. Oh Robin, I'm glad you were able to get it fixed!! You're right, it seems like one of the laws- Murphy's!- of life.
    Hope you and Lee have a fabulous time and enjoy those blue drinks on the beach and by the pool.