Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1851 Pull Toy

Greetings to you all. On the hoop...a horse pull toy. Just don't mind the little check coming through, don't know what that's about!! I think it may have been an area that I was going to shade but have since changed my mind. (go figure) Soooo, how was your Memorial Day? We had the pleasure of having the Brechlin's for a cookout. I so enjoyed their company, nothin' fancy just plain folk here. And let me tell ya, Hannah can make THE best brownies I have EVER eaten.
Lee talked about them until we went to bed!! Honey, you can bake brownies ANY time you want!! You may not know it, but Lee is now your best friend. You have his heart!!!
I love having a gathering where you really don't have to do anything but enjoy the company.
You know the kind...where you don't have to play "hostess" and wait on people. At this homestead friends are family.
This week will be spent finishing up some projects that are screaming to be done and cleaning up the home shop AGAIN...it is always a disaster. I can keep the house relatively (lol) clean but when it comes to my shop...forget it. I will be getting all the finished goods separated and priced and maybe even boxed up for the show...hey Lori it's only 8 weeks away!! Yikes, I am not ready. There is so much I still want to do and you don't EVEN want to be in my head!! There are so many things running around in there that I can't even figure out what to do!!
Well my friends, I am off to go and start my day, I think I have had enough coffee now that I can function relatively sanely.
Have a blessed day,

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  1. Oh yes Robin, I know the kind of entertaining you're talking about and I love it too. Glad you have friends that you can enjoy so much. I've got lots of ideas running around my head too - today is sewing day! Have a great week, Dawn