Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Do You Like?

I was asked yesterday by Donna (Sweet Prairie Dwellings) what I liked...I almost could not answer her. I love anything that is old and was "used" back then. I call my house primitive...MY style of primitive...with stuff everywhere. Some people call it country and yet some call it a mess, but it's my mess!! I read the post on Jen's blog (Taylor's Farmhouse Attic) and really was amazed at what a person would say about someone's home. True, I do not have the off white walls...I LOVE COLOR. True again that my house is NOT sparsley furnished as it was way back when...not all houses were, but it is my love of things of olde that tug at my heart and make me want to all!! How could you leave something behind that you truly loved just because it will mean that there will be "too much"? My home is full, but that does not mean that I will not find"the perfect piece" to add to my collection. Will I pass it up? Not on your life, it will come home with me and be displayed with pride. Almost every piece that I have I can tell you where it was from and what it was used for...and I feel very honored to have history in my home. So with my mix of primitive, colonial and country I am happy and you can tell that my home is full of love. Your home is beautiful Jen, keep collecting!
O.K. The post title...What do you like? I have already said I have a mixture of prim and colonial with a lot of collecting going on...what's your home like? Do you have that one thing that no matter how many you have you still need more of ( still my heart).
I am working in the home shoppe today...lots of painting still needs to be done and I will also be working on the horse pull toy needlepunch.
Here's to finding the perfect piece and happy collecting what's in your heart.


  1. Great post! I was horrified that someone would leave that comment to Jen. Everyone has a different perception of primitive - that's what makes it so interesting. Have fun painting today! Dawn

  2. just give me plain, old chippy & worn, used and abused, fixed-up, run-down, stuff...
    i call it primitive because thats what it means to me!! I'm NOT a purist, so I have lots of stuff too...all different era's too!!

    Great post Mizz Robin!

  3. THANKS for the support Robin!!...I DON'T think the person knew that when they ridiculed my home that they were ridiculing all of our primitive homes!!...Maybe I need to declutter today..LOL..I DIDN'T realize I had stuff PILED up....I still don't see it in my pics of the magazine either...No bother...I have more things to make and PILE up!!!...LOL....Have a great day my friend!!~~hugs,Jen

  4. Robin,
    great post! I was appalled at the email Jen received & I probably wouldn't have been as nice as her when she replied. I love old woodenware, yelloware, graniteware, quilts, racks, bonnets, anything old and used. I could go on and on about what I like. Primitive for sure. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  5. Old treasures warm our hearts & makes our homes cozy & welcoming.....and we always need more treasures !!!! As our children build their own homes ,it warms my heart even more when they ask to take a special tresure to their new home to make it feel like Home Sweet Home !!!! KEEP COLLECTING !!!

  6. Robin,,, people who ridicule are usually the ones who are Jealous and Envy you for your Beautiful Homes and all the wonderful things you have in them.I will never ridicule anyone who has a wonderful prim home filled with beautiful prim things.I am jealous of alot of the beautiful homes ad the things you girls have in in them I will admit. But my theroy is ...I ca'nt afford to have all the things I would like to have. But I am thankful for the few things I do.I will Never be in Country Sampler.... and never will any photo's of my home be posted anywhere on line. I'm not comfortable posting pics because I do'nt live in a very nice home. But that's's my home...and better than being on the street,lol!!! I guess what I am saying is... Believe me my home is not worth Ridiculeing lol....would be nice if it were,Too me that would be the highest form of a Compliment!!! LOL!

  7. Hey Robin~
    Just wanted to say Thankyou for becoming a follower on my blog! I really appreciate your interest and have entered you in the Giveaway!
    I enjoyed reading your posts too!