Friday, June 4, 2010

New Furniture

Good evening. Sooo, how was your Friday? Mine was HOT. The past couple of days have been really really hot. This is one of my new cabinets, just needs a little sanding. Hopefully she will be ready for sale or display by the end of Aug.
I am getting really excited about our upcoming trip. We (Lee and I) are on count down now. When I booked this trip last August, I did not think that June would ever get here and now that it is, I am NOT ready. I have a pile of clothes in one of the guest rooms...waiting to be sorted as to what gets packed and what stays home. I just keep piling clothes up knowing full well that I will not be taking half of what's on that bed. I am definitely only taking ONE suitcase...I can't afford to have 2 lost much less pay for both of them. And my funny?? husband suggested we take only one and split it...aint' no way!!! The way he packs he could use a Wal-Mart bag...but you know us women...we take A LOT of stuff, whether or not we wear it is another story!! But you can never be to prepared...that what I am thinking when I pack.
Tonight was date night...and we actually went out for dinner and then to the antique mall. Gosh they are high!! I try to find the 50 percent off booths or at least 30 percent off. I did not find anything that I could not live without on this trip. Oh well, maybe next time.
On a sadder note, I have lost my business partner and sister-in-law Jan. She has decided to return to the "real" world of working. I wish her much success in all that she does. Sooo, I am busy making wares for the shows and the shop and for the future shop/booth coming up in late Aug to early Sept. Maybe one day I will get caught!!!
Well my friends, have a blessed evening.


  1. Robin,
    Great new cabinet, it's gonna look great all primmed up. Sorry you lost your business partner. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Glad you stopped in and said hi. I've got a two week vacation coming up in a week! I know what your going through...
    Hope you guy's have fun!