Saturday, June 26, 2010

Picking Treasures

Howdy!! Hope your Saturday was enjoyable. Lee and I went out for a while this afternoon
and this is what we found. Above...Lee likes bottles, so he found one he liked, a sweet enamel cup, 2 neat rakes...and of course a couple yards of fabric. No shopping is complete without some new fabric.
Look at the churn!! Love 'em. All the "guts" are inside and all works. This will go to the show with me in July. The little wooden item on top is a cottage cheese maker. I love it. This is being added to my collection. I have it over a crock, just like they used them.

Then I found this cool floor cloth...for $2.00. I had a picture of the bottom of the cottage cheese maker...neat screen on the bottom, but I deleted it by mistake...sorry. We went for ice cream, by the orchard...the BEST peaches at Saunder's Orchard. And then we went for a Fried Chicken Salad Sandwich at Mountainview Market. These are truly THE best sandwiches. Had a lot of fun spending some quality time together.
Last night was date night, but the auction was light. Not much there. But we still had fun. It's always good to see friends.
Hey Lori..if you read this please know that we have left a couple messages for Peter. I know he is busy outside and I am on the computer, but we will catch up with him. Lee wants to talk to him about a sheep...go figure!!! LOL
Blessings from Millstone.

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  1. Hi Robin,
    I love those rakes and that churn, isn't it wonderful to be in love with primitives!! Try to stay cool it's another scorcher here and thank you for sharing.