Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have LOST It

Before I begin let me introduce my little man...Tinsley.He stole our heart from day one. But ya gotta admit, he has the right idea...just curl up
and take a nap.
O.K., I have finally lost my the home shop. I am not afraid to say that I am nuts. Actually I am rather proud of's gotta be a rather small group of us who will admit to being crazy. I did find my frame...was it hidden, covered over with something or down so low I couldn't see it. NOOOOO. It was right in front of me in my sewing chair!!! I know your asking "how could she not see that? Well, I am using the excuse that because the chair was actually pushed up under the sewing table, and not sticking out in the middle of the floor where it usually is, that I just did not see it. Whew! I found it!! (Doin' the happy dance) So, with that I am on the hunt for some wooden frames that will hold some needle punch finishes. Any idea on where to start to look? I know that they have been painted barn red and they were in a bag. There are only a thousand bags down there to hunt through. Sooo, I figure that when I do find them, I will have lost the punch work that goes on them...and so the cycle continues!!
I did find some things I was looking for though...some more new a bag, some needle a bag and even some a bag. See, I told you "I am the bag lady". Today my goal is to actually look in all the bags and put stuff away!!
Thought for the day...there are 13 steps going down to the home shop, and I go up and down those steps at least 20 times a day,why then do I not have "buns of steel"? LOL
Have a great day!
Many Blessings from Me to You.


  1. Good luck with your organizing, today. It's a never-ending process!! Will you be open this Friday? I'll try to drop by for a visit.

  2. I feel your pain, Robin. We put new carpet into the room that my craft nook is in and I STILL don't have things organized back the way they should be. Oh yeah...the carpeting was 3 months ago! I still have stuff in boxes and bags :) I can't imagine moving stuff from a shop and then having a basement full of it! I bet it's a nice surprise when you open a bag and find something you forgot you had though! lol