Saturday, June 5, 2010


Good evening to you. I am high as a kite!! I guess I should ventilate my shop a little better before I use the spray texture paint...huh? Now ya tell me. Yippie...I got a set of small pantry boxes painted, sanded and finished. They are still a little tacky, I will show 'em to ya tomorrow. My gosh it was hot here today, and they keep calling for some rain, but we still have not received any. My poor tomato plants, they were lookin' a bit wilted and the fountain was almost dry. Took forever to water everything. I have designed a few more wood items and as soon as I get them built and finished...hopefully by show time...I will post them. I really enjoy working with the wood and have missed it. The door boards have been painted, just need to stencil them and the fabric has been cut for the boxes...they are ready for glue. Lee isn't feeling to good this evening, he has a headache and his stomach hurts...he can't get sick!! We fly out next Sunday...I hate the thought of taking this trip without him..LOL!!! That would never happen. Still haven't packed...maybe tomorrow or Monday. I did go and get my hair shaved off! No really I did. It is just VERY short and spikey on top and the sides are shaved down. The perfect tropical doo! I will not be taking a hair dryer!! or iron!!

Well my friends, Lee's headache is contagious...or it's the paint, but I am off to find some Tylenol and then relax for a while before it all starts all over again!

Have a blessed evening (what's left of it)


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