Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big One DONE!!!!

Hey!!! I finally have the big tree finished....You see that water bottle on the table don't you?! now just have to push it back
up against the wall.
This is a close up of the top

In my foyer I made up this little gathering box and filled it with a light, an apple strand and
the JOY needle you like it like this.....

or plain like this?

I hope you all had a great day and were fortunate enough not to have to be out in this deep cold we are having!!
I am heading out tomorrow for a few errands, then I will be down tol my last tree
and the finishes on the other two!!
Have a blessed Friday....woohoo it's date night!!
Talk to you Saturday or Sunday.
P.S. I hope you feel better Lori!!!!!!!


  1. Your decorating is wonderful! I like the box with the needlework in it. But then, I LOVE needlework.

  2. Hi Robin,
    You tree looks great! I always laugh when I come visit you and see the little old ladies picture in your "about me" area. And I always say the same thing to myself, "you sure have a lot of energy for your age" lol.

  3. Hey Robin, the tree looks great!! I love the gathering box, but I like it plain. But I am just a plain girl.8-)
    Hope you had a great date night!!

  4. Hey girlfriend...your tree is awesome and I like your display with the needlework...lots of work in it and it graces your arrangement.
    Take care, bundle up and enjoy your Friday date...hello to Lee:)

    Gail oh, sorry to hear Lori is ill

  5. Hey Robin! You're tree looks wonderful and I LOVE your gathering box! You've inspired me...I have a wonderful black antique box that I usually put away for the holidays because I put other things on top of my TV I'm going straight home and turn it into a gathering box!!! WOOHOO! I'm so excited.
    Thanks Robin and have a great weekend!!


  6. hi there !!! I am offically another new follower of your blog.....don't ask me how I found you, but glad I did...smiles, Linda

  7. like your xmas box display both ways! cant go wrong with either! so cute!

  8. Your tree is just beautiful!!!! And so is the light box!

    Carmen and the Primcats